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Mossel Bay is a very rich area with its abundant sea life of diverse fish, seals, whales, penguins, other sea birds, dolphins, the occasional orca and, of course, a plentiful supply of Great White Sharks.

Mossel Bay is a well-established town with movie houses, pharmacies, chain stores, photo shops, hospitals. etc. It is a delightful place with beautiful north-facing beaches, good surfing, sailing, windsurfing, hiking trails, dive spots, bungi jumping, three game parks, parachuting, quad bikes, nature reserves and is at the start of the world-famous Garden Route. It is well-serviced by the national road system.

If you are into diving then Mossel Bay offers some excellent dives. There are easy dives along the harbour walls, deeper dives on the many reefs and shark feeding dives near the dock.  You can do a dive course right in Mossel Bay so please ask us about these activities.

Wales and Dolphins of Mossel Bay
In season, from June to November, the 65 km Whale Route along the greater Mossel Bay coastline is superbly suited to view whales. Four species are seen along this route, of which Southern Right Whales are the most commonly sighted when they come into Mossel Bay to calve. There are however also Humpback, Bryde’s and Killer Whales frequenting the route. Mossel Bay also forms part of Four species of whales frequent Mossel Bay to calve.

Schools of up to 500 dolphins make a spectacular sight and can often be seen at play in the bay and along the St Blaize hiking trail. The most common dolphins found all year are Heaviside’s Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Dusky Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin. More about Mossel Bay >>