White Shark Africa Eco Program

The White Shark Africa ECO PROGRAM is a Great White Shark Internship, that allows people from all walks of life with different skill sets to get involved with Shark conservation in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

White Shark Africa Diving Mossel Bay

“Sharks are not just our work,
they are our passion”

This program offers a diverse itinerary to suit the expectations of a broad cross section of participants. Our Great White Shark internship offers a hands on approach to working not only with Great White Sharks, but also other species in the area. We offer you a chance to come and   with a loyal and dedicated team behind you!

The ultimate goals of the Great White Shark Internship are education, public awareness, the advancement of shark science and the conservation of all shark species. We want you to bring your skills and your passion to help conserve these incredible animals!

Anybody Can Do It!

Who Should Apply To WSA Eco Program?

The program is open to anyone with a real interest in sharks and to those who wish to be involved in something rewarding, educational, exciting and overall enjoyable.

Anyone studying biology, marine biology, zoology, oceanography, marine tourism, animal husbandry, marine filming etc. will find the program particularly beneficial towards their goals.

We also cater for and welcome passionate conservationists who would like to help remove the bad stigma attached to White Sharks due to negative media. Since we run daily shark cage diving trips we feel it is important to engage the clients in a positive way that helps them to better understand these animals.

Interested in Volunteering?

Email us: wsavolunteer@whitesharkafrica.com




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