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Mossel Bay, with its easily accessible and abundant sea life, is also uniquely central to many of South Africa’s Southern terrestrial hot spots. Filmmakers can reach white sharks, just a short 2km boat ride from the harbour. There are also other species of sharks in and around the bay, including catsharks, makos and blue sharks. Whales spend six months of the year in the bay, and dolphins can be found year round. There are also a variety of safari and game parks within driving distance, with many hosting free-roaming ‘big five’; lions, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants and buffalos.

Our production agency offers unique and visually stunning locations for commercials, TV shows, documentaries and films. We can organise all the logistical needs for your filming necessities.

How we can help?

  • Permits
  • Scouting Locations
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Service Providers – Marine / Terrestrial
  • Equipment – Film Cameras, Sound, Drones, etc.
  • Talent and Extras
  • Support Crew
  • Security

Filming Opportunities

  • White sharks
  • Diverse Marine Life
  • Fishing and Angling
  • Cage Diving
  • Point of Human Origin – archaeological site with earliest evidence for modern human behaviour
  • Underwater Filming Opportunities – diving / drones
  • Researchers – marine and terrestrial
  • Ocean Activities – boating / surfing / SUP
  • Rehabilitation of Marine Animals – penguins / seabirds / turtles / seals
  • Easy access to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Addo Elephant Park, Karoo

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